Thinking - about courage, control, and anxiety - Fear need not stop you

By: Tom Cloyd (Published: 2024-06-06; reviewed: 2024-06-06:1614 Pacific Time (USA))

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“…Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the act of doing what needs to be done when we are in fear’s presence.…To prevent anxiety from limiting our lies, we need not remove it from our lives….Unto itself, anxiety only has a single power: the power to make us feel uncomfortable on a short-term basis.

“…Avoidance grants anxiety a wide array of bonus powers. The power to disrupt important life events. The power to determine what we say with our mouths and we do with our feet. The power to make us feel uncomfortable on a long-term basis.

“Courage strips anxiety of these avoidance-acquired powers, transforming it back into a feeling that will fade over time….

“Much of resolving anxiety problems - and much of effective living in general - comes down to the management of control. More specifically, it requires assuming control in some areas and relinquishing control in others.


FROM: Dylan M. Kollman. (2015). Resolving the anxiety dilemma (First edition). Beach Light Press LLC, pp. 79-80

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