Guidebook for a good life - Practical, focused ideas for achieving and maintaining a life that works

by Tom Cloyd (reviewed 2023-03-22: 1720 PT)

[New section - Under development ]

Some ideas are too good, or too important, to keep to oneself. So here’s where we’ll put them. We can all use some good advice, and if you’ve had a stressful, injurious, deprived, or otherwise less-than-optimal childhood (and this can happen even with healthy parents[^1]), this website section is for you!

We make no pretense to completeness here. This is more a bulletin board than a fully-drawn map. Over time, we’ll develop here a more well-rounded picture of how to create and keep “a good life”. And we invite you to participate in this work - see How to participate for more on this.


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