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Carolina Campodonico ^

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, University of Central Lancashire. Carolina teaches across a range of subjects on the Postgraduate Diploma Associate Psychological Practitioner (TAPP course), on the MSc Applied Clinical Psychology and on the BSc Clinical Psychology. Carolina’s expertise is in Trauma, Resilience and Psychosis. (…more)

Tom Cloyd ^

Licensed private practice trauma psychotherapist, Washington state, USA. “After completing a Masters in cultural anthropology, I developed a career in ceramic art and had work in several major west coast galleries. I then earned a Masters in counseling psychology. I’ve done research on codependency, directed a mental health clinic in rural eastern Washington state, and presented at a number of professional conferences. I now focus on research, writing, and advocacy dealing with disorders of psychological trauma and dissociation.” Contact Tom at [email protected]

Jacek Debiec ^

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and an Assistant Research Professor in the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Andrew Ryan Flores ^

Visiting Scholar at the Williams Institute and Assistant Professor of Government, American University. His research focuses on attitude formation, attitude change, and public policies affecting LGBTQ populations. Dr. Flores has interest in LGBTQ politics and policy, race, ethnicity and politics, public opinion and political behavior, political representation, data visualization, data science, and political methodology. (…more)

John Fox ^

Senior lecturer and doctoral supervisor at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Portsmouth, UK, Dr John Fox teaches students at all levels in the subjects of criminology, criminal justice and policing studies. His main research interests include police investigation, homicide and police occupational culture.

Martine Hébert ^

Professor, Department of Sexology, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), holds the Tier I Canada Research Chair on Interpersonal Trauma and Resilience. She is also co-holder of the Chaire interuniversitaire Marie-Vincent sur les agressions sexuelles envers les enfants and leads the FRQ-SC sexual violence and health team (EVISSA) and is a member of CRIPCAS. (…more)

Jon Hunter ^

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. “I am a psychiatrist who sees medically and surgically ill patients, to help them adapt to their illness and treatment demands.” (…more)

Joelle LeMoult ^

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia. “ I am the Director of the Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Laboratory, a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, and a registered clinical psychologist. Through my research, I work to further our understanding of the onset, maintenance, and treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders in adolescents and adults. (…more)

Wolfgang Linden ^

Professor Emeritus in Clinical and Health Psychology, University of British Columbia. “I am a scientist and practitioner in clinical and health psychology. I have worked for 4 decades on the interface between stress emotion and health. At the current stage of life I am aggregating his research and life experience to support efforts at disease prevention. My core interest is the reduction of childhood adversity (i.e., abuse and neglect) and its nasty sequelae.” (…more)

Rachel Langevin

Assistant Professor, Counselling Psychology, McGill University. Dr. Langevin’s doctoral dissertation and research explored attachment representations, emotion regulation, and behavior problems in preschool victims of sexual abuse. (…more)

Robert Maunder ^

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. “I am a psychiatrist for people with serious medical illness, a clinician-scientist and hold the Chair in Health and Behaviour at Sinai Health System.” (…more)

Ilan Meyer ^

Distinguished Senior Scholar of Public Policy, University of California, Los Angeles. Meyer is the Principal Investigator of the Generations Study, a U.S. national probability study of stress, identity, health, and health care utilization across three cohorts of sexual minorities, and TransPop, the first national probability sample of transgender individuals in the U.S. (…more)

Rebecca Stotzer ^

Professor of Social Work, University of California, Los Angeles. “My teaching has focused on policy, research methods, and human behavior. My research focuses on hate crimes, policy and law, sexual orientation/gender/gender identity, social justice, and oppression. (…more)


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