Help from other people - Asking help from others allows them to manifest goodness

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Helping others is a virtue in all major ethical systems. Asking for help invites other people to be virtuous, and most people find this opportunity attractive. Be aware of this when you ask for help.

Here is a surprising idea: asking for help is giving a gift to another person. It only happens when you value that person. And then there’s this: Making a simple, authentic request for help can open a connection of a unique sort with anyone you ask.

You can try this out yourself. Look for opportunities to ask for help, just so you can see what happens.

For example, suppose you in a fabric store and you’re looking for a certain color of thread. There’s another customer six feet away. You need only say to them “Could I ask for your help for a second?” Then ask if they have seen the color you’re looking for. Notice the response you get. You can try this several times with different people.

What you will see is that most people LIKE being asked for help!


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