Sexual abuse rampant in U.S. federal prisons - Bipartisan federal report finds abuse in majority of prisons

by Tom Cloyd - 1 min. read - (reviewed 2022-12-25: xxxx PT)

Sexual abuse of female prisoners by Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) staff and officials has occurred in two-thirds of US federal prisons in the past decade, according to a bipartisan report issued December 13, 2022.

“Multiple BOP employees who admitted in sworn statements to sexually abusing prisoners also avoided criminal prosecution. Several were allowed to retire with benefits.”

Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.), chairman of the subcommittee issuing the report stated that “Our findings…demonstrate…that the BOP is failing systemically to prevent, detect and address sexual abuse of prisoners by its own employees.”

The 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act would adequately address this problem, according to experts, but it has never been adequately applied. The major problem appears to be the institutional culture of the prison system, where protection of the power structure is valued overprotection of inmates.

What is needed is independent auditing of the present system, to find elements in place that prevent protection of inmates.

Source article: [Daniels, C. M. (2022, December 13). Sexual abuse rampant in federal prisons, bipartisan investigation finds. The Hill.

Keywords: federal prisons, sexual abuse, women, inmates, Congressional report, institutional culture, systemic abuse


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